Mini boot camp for retirees and part-time income seekers

Learn to sell currency futures options in a simulated paper trading account in the shortest possible time - 98 minutes of on-site half-day mini Bootcamp.

ALL FREE OF COST with no obligation to buy anything nor I have anything to sell

In 15 minutes of simulated trading you will be able to

  • Identify opportunities by high probability and risk/reward ratio
  • Calculate manually on a paper sheet the probable profit and loss .
  • Execute transactions on the broker's trading platform.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for the mini bootcamp?

No particular academic qualification is required. School graduates are welcome.

No laptop or desktop computer is required.

You don't have to be tech-savvy. Smartphone will be used for executing trades.


(a) If I am a beginner, can I join the mini bootcamp?

Yes. If you want to sell options (non-speculation business) and have gone through this website and understood the concepts and essential terms on the website.

(b) If you understand options trading and you want to use an expert or advisor and just want to get familiar with the execution of trades on a broker's mobile platform. In other words, you want to learn how to self-direct execution of transactions.

(c) Intermediate level (for both non-speculation and speculation business : Prior one year's knowledge of forex trading and some experience in any kind of paper or real financial trading is essential for speculation business. Experienced equity options traders are also welcome as long as they understand how currency market works.

Who will benefit the most?

  • A self-motivated person who is interested in making income (part-time or full-time) treating financial trading as an insurance business for self or working as an employee for others. Unlike other types of financial instruments, it is less stressful to trade futures options and will suit retirees and housewives.
  • A corporate or family wealth manager who wants to self-direct and manage an in-house currency futures options fund for unconventional returns from 50% to 100% a year.
  • A Treasury professional who wants to manage foreign currency exchange risk by hedging via future options.
  • Finance students who want to have trading records and use them as testimonials while applying for a job.

Do I need to have any knowledge of analyzing charts, indicators , trends or market sentiment?

No, It is not essential.

Is there any pre-work involved?

Yes, prior to attending the mini bootcamp, you have to do download a mobile trading platform, register them with a broker and get paper trading account.

Mini Boot camp date

It is to be selected on a day and time when it is conducive to have a live trade. Preferably 10.30 pm when CME market is active.

On-site Work:

  • Participants have to show up for the practice session only after having done pre-work. Without the core work done, it will be meaningless for anyone to attend the mini bootcamp.
  • Reorientation at the practice venue (36 minutes): Maximum of 3 minutes for each participant to seek clarification on pre-work done individually. Maximum 12 participants
  • Do-it-Exercise (28 minutes) : Instructor executes a trade in 10 minutes. Participants execute own trades in next 20 minutes.
  • Wrap-up ( 34 minutes): Q and A session